Well it doesn’t seem possible that a year could go so quickly and that we are now in the final half term. There is so much happening  that before we know it you’ll be off to your secondary schools and I’ll be waving you goodbye with a tear in my eye!

        What a great start we have had to our half term with our first day of Bike Right and can I thank Mrs Cooney, Mrs Hall and Mrs Salthouse for lending us their bikes. I feel I must also commend all the children for their excellent team work and behaviour. Special congratulations must go to Samah, Wafia, Sofia and Eduardo who have learnt to ride a bike today!

        Over the next few weeks we will be looking forward to visiting our new schools, making new friends and learning new things, we will also be looking back over our memories of St. Paul’s- the things we enjoyed, the visits we will always remember and the funny things that will always make us smile.

           Make certain that your last half term is one of the best- we have watersports, the cabbage lady and lots of other exciting events to look forward to so keep behaving and we can have lots of fun.

Lledr Hall update

Hello everyone and thanks for all the great comments. Yesterday was an awesome day spent on a beautiful beach in amazingly sunny Wales. The activities were all different and great fun and ranged from jumping off sand dunes into piles of soft sand to sandcastle competitions and running a matrix rock. The sun never stopped shining and Mr Cowburn is working on his sun tan.

  The food is INCREDIBLE and so much of it. last night we had homemade leek soup, chicken dinner and jelly and angel delight!! The dorms are really comfy and so far the children have all been asleep by midnight but we are hoping for earlier tonight!

Today has been really different with our group not leaving the centre. We started off with Problem Solving which involved all the children working together and my group were FANTASTIC in attitude and achievement. Then to the high ropes! I had no idea how brave year 6 children really are. Wow they were quick, confident and brave, so brave I even had a go! Mrs Dagnall tried the low ropes even though she was scared.  Mrs Whiteway and her group has been gorge walking and I’m sure she’ll fill you in on the details soon.

Take care everyone and love to everyone back at school.

Mrs G!! X X X

LLedr Hall

Hello there everyone!

                 Well we arrived safely at Lledr Hall yesterday after an uneventful journey through the beautiful Welsh countryside.  The staff welcomed everyone and soon the children were picking beds and “discussing” who should have the top bunk. All arrived at an amicable arrangement.

Last night was a real adventure involving a trek through the local forest looking at the wildlife including a welsh lizard!!

The children were all asleep by just after midnight and are looking forward to today’s activities.

VOTE FOR…………….

Hi Y6,

     I hope you enjoyed our trip to the People’s History museum as much as I did. I certainly learnt more about the Peterloo massacre from the living history presentation and was impressed by your acting abilities. I didn’t realise that newspapers had to be smuggled out (even in coffins) to avoid paying a huge tax and that is why they had the “Poor Man’s Guardian.”!! The photographs are quite amusing especially the one of Mr Craddock wearing women’s clothes! Look on Life Channel to see them.

          Our topic this half term is to do with democracy which means everyone should be able to have an opinion but the majority rules. I would be interested in suggestions for things we could vote on in class.

     It looks as though the Dr Who project is grabbing your interest. What else would you like to have in the classroom? We could have a vote on what to include!!       


A quick reminder to everyone that P.E. is on a Tuesday and Thursday and everyone is expected to bring a FULL kit including trainers or pumps. Well done to the people who are still reading at least 4 times a week. If you have a good book to recommend please add it to the blog and explain why you liked it  then we can all have a read. The book I have enjoyed most at the moment is “The Witches” by Roald Dahl. I had forgotten how funny it really is.


What a GREAT day!!

Yo Y6!!,old-trafford

    I do hope you had as good a day as I did yesterday. We saw such a lot and learnt so much as well.  Thank you for behaving so well and making all of us very proud of you.

       Now for the hard part……………what was the best part of the day………..mmmmmmmmmmm………..I think my favourite part was seeing the changing rooms and getting to touch the shirts. Mr Johnsens was wearing Rio Ferdinand’s boots! You’ll have to ask Mrs Mercer & Mrs Noone what their favourite part was.

           Now I need to ask you! Please Blog your favourite part of the day and review the trip so I can decide whether it’s worth doing in the future or not!

                 Looking forward to reading your opinions,

                        Cheers, Mrs Greaves


PS Please don’t forget to read 4 times (at least) this week. We were RUBBISH last week. You could read the programme we were given at OT or if you have read a book you really enjoyed recommend it on the blog and then we can all read it!